himanuts (himanuts) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for Aerodactyl Model Kit or information on it.

For a while know I've watched this group from afar. And had decided not to join because I already spend enough money on ebay Pokemon auctions and other collections. If I bothered to follow this community rigourously..I'd be flat broke lol.

But after a long time of searching atleast for a picture, I finally found one and knew my best chance of atleast learning of the current rarity of the item would be here.

I'm highly interested in the Tomy 199? Aerodactyl Model Kit. I had purchased one back in 1999 at GameStop when I was a kid. Arceus knows what it's fate came to be.

Anyone know anything about it? The odd of actually having the chance to get one? Built or MIB, I don't care..even broken ones.  Any information on this item is highly appreciated.

And I apologize if I made a mistake or broke some community rules with my post.
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