Rythen Eugea (dunsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rythen Eugea

Just a little wants post~

Nothing big, I'm after two TCG cards - Pokemon Collector from the HGSS set.
I'll buy more, but right now just two is fine.
I'd like to pay no more than $3 each for them.

I am also currently after a Reverse Holo Terrakion from the Emerging Powers set.
Paying $5 for one.

(I may also be interested in a Cobalion from the set (regular holo, reverse, doesn't matter to me) since I snagged a Virizion in the pre-release.

I'm in the US 75006 if you'd like to just throw a total with shipping my way.

(and here's hoping I can find the mini binder with the trio on it tomorrow or Thurs!
Awesome collection update Monday, granted that I get anything neat. It may just be a TCG collection photoshoot.)
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