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August Custom Auction~ Shiny Whimsicott!

Auctions end on Sunday, September 4th at 6:00 PM PDT
 I ship from the US. 
Paypal only! 
Please be prepared to pay upon the end of the auction.
 I live in a smoke-free home. 
No trades/partial trades right now, sorry. Unless its Emolga items.......
 Please bid in increments of $1 in the specified threads.

Shiny Whimsicott Pokedoll

So much puff.


Side View.

Boobie back. 

 Measures 6 inches.
 Made of minky, everything is completely hand sewn, has embroidery features.
 Shipping will be $5.00 to the USA and $10.00 everywhere else.
 Custom original, one of a kind!
 Offers start at $70.00. BIN is $200


She has embroidery eyes and mouth detail, her mouth is so dark but you can see it in the right light. 

Size Comparison: 

It is exactly the same size as the normal pokedoll. I tried my hardest to get every detail. Back to back.
Thanks to all who participate! I truly appreciate it. ^0^

Its that time again, my August plush auction! I haven't done one in awhile due to personal reasons but I just recently gotten new fabric to work with! So keep an eye out for more in September. ;3 This month's plush stars one of my all time favorites from the 5th gen, Whimsicott!

This has got to be one of my favorite shiny's from this gen and you all know its one of the best pokedolls. *Took forever to get one for myself since it kept selling out* You know you cotton collectors want a shiny to match your original pokedoll! Come check it out!

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