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KFC/BK Sales, More Random Plush Sales, Gen 1 Auction Part 2 (again), 40+ Plush Auction

Hi everyone, time for another round of sales before my random big sales before the big holiday weekend! Oh man this is like... the first 4 day weekend I had in over a year >__>;;


Sales Permission granted by dakajojo
I ship internationally from Hawaii
Haggling is welcomed! I'm not sure about the prices of a lot of these items, so have at it!
I have the tendency to reuse packing material for food products. I don't use boxes with any food residue, but please let me know if you're concerned due to peanut/wheat/gluten/etc allergies and I will use new/nonfood packing materials for you!
Trading is also welcomed, but I tend to be very picky about what I want/how I want it. Looking for Porygon2 PlushPlush and Natu Pokedoll (and some Sonic the Hedgehog items LOL...)
I can hold for up to 72 hours. Note that if you ask me to hold, this locks you into a commitment of buying the item(s)!

Their tags are curved with minor whiting/very subtle creasing (if any).
Vulpix - $25
Dratini - SOLD
Seel - $18
Zubat - $18
Or all remaining 3 - $55 shipped within US (inquire about outside the USA)

As far as I can tell, none of these have any food residue with the exception of the french fry bags (probably chocolate, not fries)
Togepi BK Child's Cup - $10
Meowth Large Cup - $15
Nido male line bag (2 available) - $18 each
French fry bags - $1 each (has some stains of what may be just chocolate)

(click the cut to see MORE items)

Uncut BK sheet featuring some popular Pokemon. $20 for the whole sheet, I prefer not to cut any pieces.

MIP KFC Seal Plush - $35
MIP BK Pokemon Mighty Kings Meal Toy. I don't know what Pokemon is inside it. This is part of the original toy run that contains the "dangerous" Pokeballs - $15

Play by Play Wartortle (tush tags) - $30
Eevee Banpresto UFO (missing flower, tush tag only) - $23
Eevee Hasbro (tush tag) - $10
Flareon Pokedoll (both tags) - $20
Tomy Squirtle (both tags, hang tag severely creased) - $13
Alakazam Banpresto UFO (tush tag) - $55
Pikachu (soft towel line/very squishy/tush tag/loved) - $13
Lapras Pokedoll (both tags, hang tag creased/ripped, still attached) - $23

Elekid Pokedoll (American, velboa, tush tag only) - $20
Corsola Pokedoll (Japanese, velboa, faded tush tag only) - $55
Elekid Friends - $10
Sentret Friends - $25
Ledyba Tomy - $13
Delibird Tomy (both tags) - $25
Heracross Banpresto UFO (tush tags) - SOLD
Phanpy McDonalds (there's some mechanism inside his hind leg, I dunno whathe does) - $18

(Yes I know Dialga is out of place in the Gen 3 section)
Corphish with very yellowing eyes Banpresto (part of the same plush series as Salamance and Poochyena) - $30
Jakks delux Dialga plush (both tags, 16") - $50
Manaphy with open mouth (tush tag) - $14
Manaphy with closed mouth (both tags, hang tag creased in half) - $18
Torchic Banprsto UFO (missing hang string, tush tag only, SOFT) - SOLD
Deoxys Banpresto UFO (tush tags) - $30

Shiny Arceus Banpresto UFO (tush tag) - $14
Shinx Pokedoll (Japanese, minky, tush tag only with original hang tag's plastic ring remaining) - $25
Shaymin TomyTakara (tush tag) - $20
Buneary puppet (both tags) - $18
Giratina Origin Forme (tush tag) - $30
Salamence (tush tag) - SOLD
The following have CUT TUSH TAG and Slightly to VERY LOVED:
Cranidos (very loved): $8
Empoleon: $14
Palkia (very loved): $11
Dialga (even more loved than Palkia): $9
Turtwig (loved): $10
Piplup: $10
Chimchar: $13

Axew Banpresto UFO (you will get the one with tush+hang tag) - $20
Cranidos Banpresto UFO (tush tag only, sorta loved) - $12
Chillarmy Banpresto UFO (both tags) - $20
Porygon - Z Banpresto UFO (tush tag only) - $30

(Viridian Pin Set SOLD)
Sheep Zukan MIP - $25


(click the photo to warp to the auctions)

(They both link to the same page, just samples of what the auction offers)

Noseless Pika GA

Yeah I know there are quite a handful of you guys who pay me, then immediately ask for feedback. I'm the type of seller who likes to leave feedback after the transaction is 100% complete. So if you received your item(s) and would like me to give you feedback, look below!

My feedback page is HERE!
If I owe you feedback, go HERE!

Now for the question of the night!

This is geared more towards Oshawott collectors, but do you prefer merch of him smiling or that :< expression he started out with? Do you think he gained in popularity when they started featuring him as a smily otter? Or perhaps Ash's Oshawott and his tendency to get into various mishaps propelled him to be more likable? DO YOU WISH THAT THEY MADE A GANBARE PLUSH LINE FOR OSHAWOTT LIKE THEY DID FOR PIPLUP?

For me, I think Oshawott looks a lot less like a sad rejected clown when he's smiling, so I guess I like him when he does a :D expression and shows off his cute little canines. The show did amazing in making an initially disliked Pokemon like Oshawott to be so adorable and stalk/flirt with Ash
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