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I <3 Pikachu DX Plush and Sales Pug

Hey guys, more news and pictures on plush coming out in December but this will be a really quick one. To make it short:

Here's the I love Pikachu DX Plush - 27cm coming out in December, and the I <3 Pikachu key chains you've seen floating around Y!J that were Namco exclusives. Just to let you know, I would likely be doing pickups for this DX Plush in around late November as it'll be arriving in my local shop in January 2012. About the key chains I know a lot of you love it (so do I - I might get the whole set) but they haven't confirmed whether they'll be bringing it in, but if you could express your interest I could express OUR interest to them so that I could possibly persuade them to do so. Well that's all about the item update. If you would like a larger picture here's the link: http://pics.livejournal.com/donny9/pic/0002xr67/g39
With that done, now let me end off with another sales pug. Not too good a sales banner, but I'd have to make do with it for now. What you'll find there are Key chains, Zukans, Banpresto DX Plushies, Sugimori clear files, clipping figures and most of all DX Kids (With WAILORD). Well click on the picture to spawn on my sales page :)

And one thing, I'm looking to buy a used Pkm Heartgold and Platinum, if anyone has one do pm me :)
Tags: info, pikachu, sales
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