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French TCG sales

Bonjour !
I have see some people could be interested to get some TCG in multiple languages ! Today I'd like to clean up my desk and sell a part of my cards. Unfortunatly I don't do trade for this sales post because it have for objective to help me to buy a grail.

Granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo
Sales Rules

-I accept Paypal only.
-Dont forget to add your LJ username and what you bought in paypal note before to pay.
- Payment must be made in 2 days after the purchase.

- I do ship to worldwide
-I ship from France !
- I am not responsible for damages lost or stolen items in the mail.
- The international shipping will cost $1.4

Auctions Rules - Same as the sales rules
- No sniping or retracting bids. This is against comm rules.
- Don't bid if you're not sure to be able to pay.
- Bid in increments of $1 or more.


Auction :

Call of Legend Umbreon HOLO
Start at $3
Reserve : $5
BIN : $20

Dratiny, Dragonair (reverse), Dragonite HS triumphant
Start the lot at $4
Reserve : $6
BIN : $15

Vulpix and Ninetales(reverse) Call of Legend
Start the lot at $3
Reserve : $5
BIN : $10

Clefairy and Clefable(HOLO) Call of Legend
Start the lot at $2
Reserve : $4
BIN : $7

Sales :

Alataria HOLO HS Triumphant : $4
Pachirisu HOLO Call of legend : $4

Jirachi (reverse) Call of Legend $3
Lugia (reverse) Call of Legend $3

Eevee Call of Legend : $3 each (x4)
Vaporeon Call of Legend : $3 each (x3)
Jolteon Call of Legend : $3 each (x2)
Flareaon Call of Legend : $3

Snorlax Call of Legend $1.50 each (x2)
Pidgey Call of Legend $0.50 each (x2)
Pidgey HS Triuphant $0.50 each (x3)
Pidgeotto Call of Legend $1
Pidgeot Call of Legend $1.50

Slowpoke Call of Legend $0.50 each (x6)
Psyduck Call of Legend $0.50 each (x2)
Totodile Call of Legend $1
Croconaw Call of Legend $1.50 each (x3)
Chikorita Call of Legend $1 each (x2)
Bayleef Call of Legend $1.50

Hondour Call of Legend $1 each (x4)
Cyndaquil Call of Legend $1 each (x2)
Ponyta HS Triumphant $0.50

Mareep Call of Legend $0.50 each (x2)
Flaafy Call of Legend $1 each (x2)
Manectric Suprem Victors $1.50
Pachirisu (reverse) Call of Legend $1
Pachirisu Suprem Victors $0.50

Empty packs. FREE with purchase
Groudon x4
Lugia x2
Kyogre x4
Deoxys x2
Dialga x2
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