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Little "Big" Collection Update!

Today I received a much-anticipated package from lyndsaygorawr! :D

Who could be inside? Here's a hint...he's a little small for his kind ;P

If you guessed Groudon Pokedoll, you're right!Oh man, his guy is cute. He's so chubby and grumpy and stubby and FFFT just the sweetest little Groudon ever! <3 Everyone needs one of these, haha. I love the details that was put onto him, too! I never even knew Groudon had little footpads until I got this guy XD

I've decided to name him Blaine. No, not after the Gym leader. Like Dandelo, my Giratina Pokedoll, I named Blaine after a character from Stephen King's amazing book series The Dark Tower.

...seems like Blaine has a sweet tooth :B

And here he is with the rest of my Pokemon plush! (all of which I broguht to college, hehe ;D). We have Dandelo the Giratina, Pikachu Pillowpet (Pikatick? idk XD), Boris the Totodile, and Blaine the Groudon :3 Thanks again lyndsaygorawr for selling Blaine to me! Also, I adore that little drawing you included XD <3

And a tiny update on sales info! I moved into college last week, but I did bring all of my Pokemon sales items with me. So, while I'm still open for sales, please understand that I have classes and homework and things that will make responding to questions and shipping packages out take more time! Just be patient with me :)

Here are my sales!
Here are my TCG sales!

(please note that my normal sales post isn't up-to-date on what;s been sold or not. I can't edit the post without loosing all my spacing ._. just ask if you want to know if something's still for sale!)</div>
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