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Give me your Arcanines!

Hi there everyone! C:

I have a small request for you all. I mentioned this in my last super huge multipurpose post, but I don't think it was seen by anyone lol.
But anyways, I am in need of Arcanines.
And this is not for me, but for my younger sister! She loves Arcanine, it's her favorite Pokemon. I have this huge basket of Bootleg Tomy figures that she plays with all the time (it's so cute, ahaha), but there is no Arcanine in there!
So, I'm just looking for any kind of Arcanine figure (discluding Zukans or anything reaaallly small or easily breakable, like glass or something lol), like even a bootleg TOMY, or any kind of kid. Growlithe works too, and if I can't find any Arcanines, I'll probably resort to getting one of those.
Oh! And if you have a bootleg / reaally loved / factory reject Arcanine UFO you'd be willing to sell, that would be awesome.
Thank you so much!

Her other favorites are Chikorita, Latios & Swellow. If you have any seriously cute merch for them you're willing to give up, show me and maybe I'll give in ^____^;;

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