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Boring post is boring!

So just a few things before I do a collection update to mark my one year here:


1- When participating in a GA, sometimes there are two people involved. The host/threadmaker/bidder/etc, and then the person that plays kind of a middleman for shipping. If that makes sense, which one should I be asking feedback from? I'd assume the host, but at the same time, I try to leave it back for both people involved since they're both doing a large amount of work. I just want to make sure I'm nagging the right people!

2- How common is it so see bootlegged TFGs? I found a TON of them in Chinatown. Like, serious amount. And they're all super cheap. How exactly do you tell if they are fakes? I wanna start collecting some of those so any info would be sweet! <3

(Since people enquired these are the two I bought with more pictures under the cut!) Camera phone quality though!

So that's all I can think of. I brainfarted on the third question I had. =/ Probably will edit later if I remember!

With that, if I have bought anything from you, leave feedback here please if you haven't yet! I'm trying to get sales permission but it's hard when nobody is acknowledging me. ;-;

And lastly, wants real quick! Amuse me. If you have any cheap-o stuff that's not listed, feel free to show me anyway if it's of a particular Pokemon I collect! See them here.

I PROMISE UPDATE SOON AND IT WILL BE SO MUCH LESS BORING. ;-; Thanks for all your help! <3<3<3

EDIT: Added pictures of the two TFGs I did buy, Promo Pikachu and Flareon!
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