Honey (lovedbyahero) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Bulba and Pokedolls GA - Noppin Box Turned Up

Inside cut is pictures and descriptions of each plush.

Buneary is in rather good condition but she has no tush tag

Pikachu does have its tush tag but he has two very green marks. I'm sure it can be washed off though.

Munchlax does have its tush tag but one string is loose and his plastic eyes is a little dirty.

Blastoise has his tush tag but is rather derpy looking and one of his cannons has loose stitching

Phanpy has no tush tag but is so adorable. Also, will headplant all the time.

Jirachi does not have its tush tag. He is a little loved but is pretty much intact as far as I can tell

Chatot has his tush tag and is a little pilled but still so cute!

Corphish has no tush tag and one of the strings used to pull his claw next to his head is loose. I can't tell whether this happened during shipping to me or was already there. However, it could be an easy fix.

Manaphy doesn't have its tush tag and is a little pilled.

Turtwig is lovely and soft (really soft) but has no tush tag.

Both Buziels are in good condition and are oh so cute. One problem however is that one does not have its tush tag.


I forgot to take a picture of his other ear 'cause its really weird/derpy.

The right side of his face is rather bizarre. I'm not sure what happened to him but that ear is VERY loved whilst the rest is in okay condition. No tush tag either.

Piplup has no tush tag but is in really nice condition.

If anyone in the GA want these leftovers, feel free to offer me a price (I've no idea idea especially for Minum).
I do not have final shipping quotes just yet but I have ordered mailer bags, need to get some labels, and will take a couple down to the campus mailing servies to find out. Once I do, I will let you know directly by either PM or comment. I have a grail on its way to me right now as well as a couple of other gets so keep an eye out HOPEFULLY next week.

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