Brittiny (karoia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

random searching!

so I'm looking to see if anyone is selling Misdreavus or Mismagius Jakks figures! I'm asking for a friend who loves the little ghosties :3 prefably out of the package so shipping will be less and all that ;D

and the Mismagius Pokedoll... is it really worth $70? I only see one on ebay and it's worth almost that. I was considering buying one for my friend for xmas but maybe not if they are that much... I wouldn't be surprised since it's so cute but thought I'd double check x3

Also I am looking for the cherubi zukan set and the misdreavus zukan set if they are a decent price for the same friend. Christmas shopping early! :D

AND of course if you have any awesome marill merch you think I don't own, please let me know!

sorry for the boring post! For participants of the jakks GA i did... lyndsaygorawr just received the lot from ebay recently and will soon be making a post ;D look forward to it!

How about a random question for my fellow collectors since I love to hear yours thoughts! :P If the Pokemon world were real, what would your profession be? Trainer, Breeder, Professor...? Or would you keep doing whatever it is you do now (if you work?) and have Pokemon help you? :P so random I know!

I would work at an office like I usually do ('cause I'm too lazy to travel the world as a trainer!) and have an army of marills help me all day and do my filing. And then we'd go swimming after work! OHHHH YEAAAAAAH
Tags: jakks, misdreavus, mismagius, wanted, zukan

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