Kassia9/ScarletPianoWires (kassia9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants & Updates

So I'm looking for some pokedolls. Yeah, I know, these are kinda hard to find, but I just kinda want them =;v;= Spiritomb is high priority, Magikarp is medium priority, Wailord is medium priority, Giratina is low priority. I'm looking to have them shipped to the states for those of you that may be looking to sell any of these pokedolls.

.:*:. Anyone that didn't already notice, the plush GA I was running prematurely ended and our bid wasn't high enough when the seller closed the auction. I apologize to everyone that bid :(

~matching unknow: complete - shipping pending [I have to weigh them :) ]
~sleeping female pikachu: 95% complete - just needs finishing touches ;D
~tynamo: 95% complete - just need to put the last few pieces on
~emolga: 35% complete - trying to figure some things out yet

Those of you that are waiting on commissions, I'm hoping to get them done this month some time so that I may do another round of plush for the month of september =^^=

Also, if anyone has questions or concerns, lay em on me ;D
Tags: giratina, magikarp, pokedolls, spiritomb, wailord, wanted

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