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A Question of Cards... And a Meme!

Just yesterday I recieved binders of Pokemon and Yughio cards, and I noticed some strange cards. I'm not an avid card collector, so I don't know if these guys are rare or garbage XD

I apologize beforehand for blurry iPod photos.

He has the 'Edition 1' stamp and that flower thing on the right...

He has 'Edition 1' stamp AND shadow... I thought they removed the stamp when they started making the 'shadowed' cards... And I saw one like this on eBay for a psycho price (But hey, who trusts eBay? XD)

I don't know, Eeveelutions are just so popular I thought I'd put this here.

My first Japanese card... XD

Well, if anyone has pricing or additional information, please tell me!

Nowwwww.... MEME TIME :P
The theme is 'What I learned in Pkmncollectors' based off my summer reading project XD What you do is say a corny pun about Pokemon Collectors! I'll start off, then someone can reply in the comments, then someone can reply to them, and SO ON. If this is against the rules, I will delete this :) Just thought it'd be fun.

So, What I learned in Pkmncollectors is:
Eeveelutions Are Drugs.

U reply nao.4

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