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4th Pokemon TFG Set: not real, but play along if you like

I know i'm obsessed but:

here is my proposal for a fourth set of TFG's, Please tell me which ones you like, don't like, wish were in there, absolutly do not belong, ect. but keep in mind my priority is too keeping it similar to the choices made with the other sets that were released. (nothing after 3rd gen, majority 1st gen, avoiding complete evolutions, varrious other rules i can't really prove but  would be happy to try and explain)

also before i start, if anyone knows any sculptors who can make sculptures close to or as good as a kaiyodo (i know its unlikely) let me know ... cause i'm getting closer to being able to reproduce figures off of prototypes, and would love to make this real for you all.

(also i didn't check all thier spellings and am sure i messed a bunch up)

TFG Set #4:

1. Articuno
2. Blaziken
3. charmelion
4. chinchau
5. cradilly
6. cuebone
7. delibird
8. dragonite
9. flygon
10. gengar
11. grovyl
12. jolteon
13. jynx
14. magmar
15. miltank
16. moltres
17. nidoqueen
18. omnastar
19. peliper
20. phanphy
21. porygon
22. ralts
23. rydon
24. sandshrew
25. shapedo
26. shelgon
27. shuckle
28. skitty
29. smeargle
30. sneasle
31. staru
32. sudowoodo
33. sunflora
34. togepi
35. trapnich
36. wurmple
37. yanma
38. Zapdos


39. Blaine
40. Blue
41. Giovani
42. Lyra

Thanks, also feel free to yell at me to get a life and stop wasting everyones time.

And that really overdue collection update should be coming soon.

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