striped_kit (striped_kit) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some of my Pokemon Art Instead and my Entire collection

I made a new entry since my last one I didn't know what sales permission was. I keep screwing up here and I feel really bad and it makes me look irresponsible in the community. I guess I assumed anyone could sell things and I apologize so, I respectfully deleted the post. To be honest I just started using Live Journal and navigating is really hard for me here so if someone could send me the rule page again that would be wonderful. Again I'm sorry for being a total noob here and if I you don't want me here I could leave. I hope I can make some friends and have fun like I want to do. So enjoy this new post of random things I want to share. ^^;

All of the pokemon stuff I own now except for 3 plush I just found yesterday in storage.

Old Raichu art I did.

My old Pokemon Sona.

Also, people seem to have want lists here. I hope it's ok if I have one too. I just want any raichu plush really. If you have a link to any that would be great. Bootlegs or not it doesn't matter. I already own these:

Posted my old BK raichu for a friend who wanted to see. ^^
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