sketchies (sketchies) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Help with identification?

I bought some Regice/steel/rock lots last week, and they came today. I have no idea what some items are. I don't know if they're just some figures or if they're something specific. I was hoping maybe you kind folks could help me out?

Just a word of warning,... the image is kind of big. I pieced together three seperate images and wanted to keep them kind of big so you could see the detail.

I am particularly interested in what the first Regice item is. I have no idea what those blue streams are for. I know the Regice and Registeel blocks are. #2 on the Regirock is a Chou.

Just so this isn't only about the Regis, I got this little one today too. Her name is Marcelline. :)

Tags: regice, regirock, registeel, zoroark
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