Lissie (mamoswine) wrote in pkmncollectors,

jakks attack figures!

I've been obsessively checking my local shops for the next Jakks series of plush. They didn't have them today either, but I did find these awesome guys!!!

These are so incredibly cool! I love the bases so much!

It's been incredibly hot (107 degrees out right now woohooo) and I had to go on some errands after picking these guys up. Imagine my horror when I take Pansage out of his box, and his entire tiny body is soft and bendable. 9_9 I put him in the freezer for a few minutes and he's all firm and nice again.

He has a little code above his keister.



It came with these little disks you use the launcher at the bottom to shoot them long distances. I shot one and uh, well it's lost now.

He's so huge, and I really want to display him with his base, so I guess I need to reorganize. :(

He's going to stand with my other grass guys for now.

These are for sale! Drilbur is on tentative hold for a friend for now, but feel free to express interest!!
They would be $12 +shipping. They might cost a bit to send overseas; I'd guess about $6 or $7. I can only take PayPal.
(Whoever takes Drilbur, could I possibly persuade you to let me have the Pansage standee that comes with???)
(I would definitely be willing trade for the Jakks Pansage plush!! :D)

Thanks for looking!
Tags: axew, drilbur, jakks, pansage, sales
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