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Lots of fun customs, and Question: What do you do when you're leaving?

Hello everyone! This will most likely be my last post until around late November, since I'm getting ready to go to college! (Unless I happen to get like 10 things in the mail from now until when I leave xD)

I received a good deal of customs in the mail, so I will begin with those, including my very first prints and bead sprites!

I received these cute charms from the comm! <3 I already had an N one but I got an extra so I can put my older one on my phone xD

This is my very first bead sprite :D I got it from Etsy! It's very very cute x3

I received these sticker sheets as well :D I also have the ones with Iris and Drayden on them~ Hopefully one day I can have all the sticker sheets with N on them! >A

And finally...

My very first N prints! Yay! I decided to start buying prints on dA as a new form of "custom," in a way. Now I want more! xD

Now for the main part of my post...I will, as said above, be leaving for college pretty soon! But for some complex reasons, I have ultimately put my N collection safely away in a nice little storage container until when I return.

So my question is, when you have to leave for a good deal of time to someplace away from your collection, what do you do? Do you package them away like I have, or do you leave it on your shelves like you had it before? Do you risk bringing some of your items with you? I'd like to know! xD It really was a difficult decision for me to ultimately put my collection away as opposed to, say, just bringing it all with me.

Thank you all for looking! ;w; And thank you all for your answers! :D I'm going to include a shameless sales plug simply because these are the last few days I can ship anything out if anyone is interested. Thanks again for reading! :D

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