hoenn_dreamer (gsc_fanboy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quality Check, please!^^"

Good evening everyone, I've just got a quick favor you could do me.^^ I've recently gotten a Cresselia Pokedoll, but I'm kinda unsatisfied with her shape and everything, so I wanted you guys to check her out, whether she's in a good condition or if I've made a bad deal. x.x Here goes nothing!

Sorry for the craptastic picture quality, my camera is BAD... So what do you think? Maybe this is just me being nitpicky all over again, but something about her bugs me<.<

Also have a link to my permanent-wishlist: http://gsc-fanboy.livejournal.com/517.html

And sorry about my collection update, it went all glitchy so I deleted it D: But I promise I'll repost in greater shape next weekend!

Tags: cresselia, mudkip, pokedolls, smoochum, wanted, wooper
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