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Poke☆Sweet Auctions + Commissions + Straight Sales

So I just finished the remaining few from my last batch - while will be shipped out this week :) ! Please check [info]

xmelodyvirus for your status, if you haven't seen it already.

Also!! I am looking for a plush-maker who uses minky! I am willing to trade, pay, partial trade~ ^^ so please let me know if you're avaliable! I'm recently really addicted to custom plushes @__@ since I love how each person has their own unique touch on it.

Now onto the Poke☆Sweets!

I am actually closing commissions on Poke-Icecreams, Poke Sugar Cookies, and holding only 1 Auction for a Poke Parfait. This is mostly due to the fact that I need to remake stock items for them, and no time at the moment for a bunch of them. (The pokeblocks, ect~)

However I am auctioning again as well, the Poke☆Sweets Train, and opening a new auction for your own Poke☆Sweets Frame!


However I have new and cheaper creations now avaliable that are only $10 each!
(Picture can be seen on the lower left and right corner)

Lots more info below the cut!

Rules + Information

Photobucket Granted Sales Permission on 8/4/11 by [info]denkimouse . and here is My feedback Post

Photobucket I ship from the US, but do ship internationally ! Shipping and Paypal Fees are not included in the prices.

Photobucket There is no insurance/delivery confrmation - please let me know if you would like this!

Photobucket All community rules apply. So if you backout, I will give you negative feedback.

Photobucket I only accept Paypal. PLEASE WARN ME IF YOU USE AN E-CHECK! I will not start on your custom or send it out, until that e-check has cleared.

PhotobucketSerious bidders and buyers ONLY. I expect payment within 72 hours after I have given you your final total.

PhotobucketI reserve the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have negative feedback.

Photobucket I AM ACCEPTING TRADES/PARTIAL TRADES! Right now I may trade for any Pokemon Time merch, and custom plushes. I am willing to pay also, but right now I'm sort of prefering just cash at the moment. So please don't be offended if I pass ^^

About the Sweets

*Turn-around time: 1 week to 4 weeks depending on your order. I am currently a full-time student as university student, and work part time. :)

*My figures are all created by me, all the way down to the sprinkles. With the exception of support parts, such as the parfait cups, jewel sticks, and the metal parts. I use a combination of resin+air+porcelain and some baked clay, depending on the part.

*I reserve the right to not remake some of sweets I have done or to reject a request if I feel uncomfortable with it.

* Most of the time I won't remake sweets because, it will not be the exact same as the last one. I manually have to create the color of the clay
with various mediums, because of this - I am not always able to get the exact same shade as the previous. That is why if you wish to get multiple types of sweets of the same pokemon character, I suggest you ask me to do it all in one big order. That way it will be for sure consistent.

More Designs can be found in my gallery! or progress and more recent pictures can be found here [info]xmelodyvirus


So the creation of my new sweets, was accidentally on accident. While making a sweets train - I made the Pokemon waaaaaaaay too tiny.

Emonga kid is there for reference, and the cm ruler - but they were each only 2cm each!

Extremely tiny so what was I going to do with them...?

Inspired by a creation I made back two years? (Or one year ago?)...
(Sorry about my watermark orz;; it's from my etsy shop name)

These figures were created 8'D


These can be made into either a figure (the pokemon standing up) or a cute keychain with your choice of pokemon laying back.

The straps used on the keychains will be the same as the above picture with a shiny lariet phone strap, as well as a little bell. (Ribbon will not be included)

Pokemon can be given different more animated faces, poses, and are made in a sort of Pokedoll fashion.

I'm thinking of calling them Poke☆Cookies, different from Poke☆Sugar cookies which are given a lot more detail and a more realistic base.

Information: Poke☆Cookies

PhotobucketYou get your choice of pokemon, base (flower or star), base color, pokemon expression/pose, and if you want it to be a strap or merely a figure!

PhotobucketPokemon are Pokedoll-ified! Or simpliefied. If you give me something too complex however I have the right to refuse it. Do not ask me for a pokemon doing attacks/props/two pokemon on the same base.

PhotobucketI am not doing humans for this! Unless under special circumstances, and if I do they will be done with a face similar to how I did the N parfait.

PhotobucketShipping! Worried about if your figure will get crushed from the bubble mailer? They will be put into plastic capsules and then into the bubble mailer. I will only do this for the figure version, and not for keychain versions - since sitting up figures are more prone to mail damage.

Prices: $10 Each!
Special: Purchase 2, and get free shipping! (US Only!)
Purcase 3, and get free shipping (Everywhere else)
Shipping within US: $2.67
Anywhere Else: $4.21
Any additional ones are just $0.75

To order please fill this out!
Facial Expression:
Base (Flower/Star): (Please let me know which color as well)

1.[info]meowllz - Altaria
2.[info]99reddrifloons - Red Driffloon
3.[info]aarux - Shiny Aerodactyl
4.[info]darkangelilith - Shiny Joltik
5. [info]nagaineko- Scraggy + Lavitar, Torchic + Magikarp
6.[info]nasija - Flaaffy + Palpitoad
7. [info]noonowl - Arcanine
8.dripbat- Leafeon + Heracross
9.dukeburger - Swampert

UPDATE! (September 9, 2011)
All Slots from 1-7 have their pokemon sculpted, and bases done as well. Please let me know if there are any changes you would like (change in base color) OR

if you'd like me to use any particular colored sprinkles (I only use yelow, pink, green, blue, and purple sprinkles avaliable for stars or confetti shaped ones.) And of course if you'd like any particular set of rare candies on them. If you do not let me know by Monday, I'll assume everything is okay/leave it up to me.

Please know that once I stick them onto the base with the cream  - they are NOT removalble.

I use different clay in sculpting the pokemon, the base, the cream, and the sprinkles itself. Each of them are made with a different clay.

Surpringsly almost all of them are able to stand on their own! Even Magkarp and Driffloon somewhat. Torchic however can't at all. And Scraggy actually prefers to do some headstand haha~

No worries though, since they'll all be stuck onto the base - so this point doesn't really mattter too much.

They sort of make me think of a set (one really randomly put though) 8'D

Update September 20

Sorry so much for the delay! I had this batch finished earlier, but didn't have the time to post about them till today. >< I'm currently really busy with midterms and studying which has prolonged me.

However everyone (minus one) from the first batch has their figures done! I hope to have them shipped out this week and I'll notify you indivudally when it has been done so.

For those of you who weren't in this batch - I hope to have them done (before putting on the cream) this weekend.
Thank you so much for your patience >< !!

Update Batch 2
*PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PICTURES ARE DARK! They are on a white piece of printer paper (so you can see the shadows really got to my picture ;;; )_  ;; I took them during the morning, but only realized aftewards that they were really dark - you can see the comparision towards the lighting difference in the first batch!*

Not of all these figures are lucky to stand though xD so there is double sided sticky tape on the bottom.

again noting dark photo is dark xD;; please not that is a white piece of printer paper behind them - so you can get an idea of just how dark the shadows are.

Auctions and Bidding Rules

Photobucket Auctions will end on Monday September 12, 2011 9:00PM PST

Photobucket All community rules apply, do not retract your bid or I will leave you negative feedback

Photobucket Bid increments of $1 or higher

Photobucket Bids do not include shipping.

Poke☆Sweets Train Custom

There will be one slot open of a Sweets Train and this is the only way to get a Sweets Train from me ^^

Roughly 8cm long with only one caboose.

These come with removable poke-sculptures. However depending on the pokemon, it may not be able to 'stand' on it's own. These figures are bigger than the Poke Cookies.

Starting price is $26

I am adding an extra caboose at $42, and any bid after :) I will add more depending how high it goes as well.



Poke☆Sweets Parfait

Starting bid is  $18
These are for simple pokemon!
I will do more complex pokemon at $25 - and two pokemon in one at $28
You do get your choice in toppings, sugar cookie, jewel stick, as well.

Poke☆Sweets Frame

Starting bid is  $22
This is a 3.5" x 5" frame
For one human cookie + two pokemon - as well as any particular decorations.

Straight Sales

Emonga + Elesa frame = $25
Piplup Parfait = $15
Chillarmy Ice Cream (no chain) - $13

All pre-Poke☆Cookies are $8
Mew (strap will be added)
Spoink (strap will be added)

And thank you so much for reading!
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