Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Jakks lot and sales

I'm looking to get rid of all the jakks hanging around my sales.I'm asking for 25 and It contains the Sinnoh playset,18 jakks figures,and 20 other battle pieces. Pay in mind I'm going to ship these in a large flat rate box so shipping will be about 15 unless they weigh less then I think they will :),I will also include tracking.

I only have the original pictures I took of the playset when I received it,since I disassembled it and put it in a box to keep safe.
It is missing the slime,but it still works with the lights and sounds.

Cherrim has a sticky residue on the petals,Trashcloak burmy has a small paint chip on the cheek,Croagunk has markings on the white lines around the middle,Pikachu and Breloom are both missing tails,Plusle has a sticky residue in its ears and body.

If the lot doesn't sell I will simply list it in my sales at the same price :).
Straight Sales ~
1.00 each

2.00 each

3.00 each
Gone:Slowpoke and Seel

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