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Noseless Pika GA - Segamew

Noseless Pika GA

It's really late for me and I have to be up really early, so I'm going to just make a short announcement post here, and update it when I have more info, hopefully tomorrow.

1. Segamew plans to refund all payments made to her. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE PAYPAL CLAIMS FOR THEM UNTIL SHE HAS A CHANCE TO DO SO!
As much as some of us are annoyed at the items we lost in GAs to her, please try and remember that at no point has she ever shown dishonesty in her transactions, and takes money very seriously. The money in her paypal currently is for the Noseless GA, and now that people have opened these disputes against her, the funds for the GA may be frozen. She did say, however, that she would be refunding all payments no matter what, and that she would hopefully do so within the next couple of days.
Segamew has always been a really sweet person to me and has been very cooperative and willing to try and make ammends best she can. She is going to keep me informed, and I will update this post with any new relevant updates as she does tell me anything. I will mark off refunded payments on the spreadsheet as she tells me which ones she has done.
Segamew has been very brave about this, which, please understand, takes a lot of guts in her situation. She is trying her best to make ammends best she can, and I believe that she really will go the extra mile to solve some of the problems caused by this event.

2. When money is restored to everyone, I will instead have everyone send money directly to meowllz herself.
We have been in contact with eachother, and meowllz has been very patient and understanding. I will update with a spreadsheet when Segamew lets me know that all payments have been refunded.

3. We have a new shipper. 
Technicolorcage has offered to ship the items and I have gratefully accepted. Should she not be able to when it comes down for it for any reason, meguroku and acciolucius are both also willing to help. Thank you so much, guys, and meowllz too, who also offered to ship. You guys are really awesome in your willingness to step forward in a situation like this, thanks so much =')

4. Segamew had $100 of plush in the GA.
Actions have been discussed. The liklihood is that there will be a mini-GA for these remaining items to be added to existing shipments etc. Nothing is confirmed though. 

Just keep in mind that at this point, everyone should have their money refunded, resent to meowllz and then should all recieve your plush no matter what. I will keep everyone informed!
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