gabtizzle (gabtizzle) wrote in pkmncollectors,

another super quick battlle dice GA

do i love these things or what?

only catch? there's only a day and 19 hours left on it...


as you can see, there is a lot of more stuff than just the dice. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SOME OF THESE ARE! so please bid at your own risk.

RULES (copy and paste from my last GA lol)

-ALL COMM RULES APPLY, you shouldn't bid if you are not familiar with them.

-this auction ends Thursday September, 08 at 12:00am PST WARNING: this might change due to the
fact that i SUCK at calculating time.

-i will be using SMJ for this GA (shopping mall japan for you newbies)

-there will be 3 payments
*payment 1: SMJ total, including fees and shipping from seller to SMJ
*payment 2: shipping from warehouse to me
*payment 3: shipping from me to you!

-i will be claiming venusaur expansion set, articuno box, and psyduck box

-DON'T RETRACT YOUR BIDS, just please PLEASE don't! it just makes everything so confusing. you
may ask if you can retract them but i will most likely say no since it is against comm rules.

-no sniping, any bids placed in the last 5 minutes will result in a 5 minute extension

-bid increments of $1

-wait for me to place all the threads!

-paypal only!

-and last but not least! try not to be late on your payments

and that's about it!

please wait while i make the threads


WE WON! stay tuned for payment 1!
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