illumeee (illumeee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

sharing a TCG seller + possibly eeveelutions lot for sale?

So I just bought $55,- worth of TCG from this guy's webshop: as well as from an auction he had on Ebay (someone thought they could snipe me in the last 15 seconds but I was on top of it and outsniped him! HA! Take that!)
For those who do not know the webshop, I just wanted to share it. He's got amazing stock when it comes to Japanese cards. Many of his cards sell way cheaper than they do on Ebay

I'm sure many of you already know him, but for those who don't I can recommend his stock!


While I'm spending all this cash on TCG I really do have a less happy anouncement to make. I will probably have to get rid of the pokedolls and some more non flats I own. Most of them I bought from the community and even though I really like them, I feel I'm losing focus in my collection.
When it comes to Pokemon I'm a flats collector and ever since I joined, seeing all the wonderfull plush made me want to have them. I'm keeping my favorites and the rest will very likely be up for sale as a lot.
(reason I'm selling it as a lot is because shipping worldwide is $24,- for any package under 2 kilos, which means I can ship the entire lot for the same price I can ship 1 plush for)

I'm not sure if I want to do this yet, any input would be nice since I'm kinda stuck on what to do. For those possibly interested, the lot contains: eevee pokedoll MWT, 2x jolteon pokedoll MWT, flareon pokedoll MWT, flareon attack kid, jolteon attack kid, eevee kid, hasbro eevee bouncer MIP, hasbro vaporeon bouncer MIP, hasbro flareon bouncer MIP, Umbreon Nightfall theme deck (missing umbreon cards) & some (non-eevee)sticker sheets.

When I'm sure I'm going to sell I will post pictures and perhaps this lot can be GA'd
But for now, I'd just like some input, thanks :)
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