leaf (leafdust) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Calling all plush makers!

My best friend's boss is looking for a Froslass plush for his 9 year old nephew. The problem: there isn't an official plush for Froslass. :C So I suggested a custom plush, and they agreed. Is anyone commissionable right now for a Froslass plush? :o They'll looking for a Froslass that looks like the Pokemon itself (as in, not chibi/pokedoll style) and can take a beating from a 9 year old. (he likes to make his plush battle haha)
Prefered materials: anything that's not felt, but soft.
Budget: keep the prices reasonable.
If you're interested on taking this mission, please comment with examples of what you have made in the past, so my friend's boss can choose. :D

Tags: custom, froslass, plush, wanted
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