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One quickie question and Moving out sales, part 2!

Hi there people!

As promised, I told I will make a sales post journal and also another chance of around 50 items giveaways before I move. Before I will though, one quick question. Does somebody know where I can buy the Pokemon Manga for cheap, or is somebody willing to give up some? I have read the manga, but I do not have much space to own them all, so that's why I would just like to have the manga with Gold/Hibiki on it. I wanted to get it of Borders, but could not find it. Any help would be appreciated! <333

And now, what you all have been waiting for! Please take a minute or two to read my rules. 

If you will comment incorrectly, that will show that you did not read them. If you will not read, you will not claim the items I am giving out. As simple as it is.


- All community rules apply.
- I ship from Maryland, USA.
- The items for sale are not with shipping included.
- When you purchase or claim something, you must come back to me within 12 hours after I respond to your message!!! If you will not, I will just sell/let another person claim the item/s he/she wants. You can inform me that you will be back for more than 12 hours for whatever reason, I will then hold the item/s for you.
- You can claim MAX 5 items. If you want more items, then I will consider it, but I might say no.
- If you will JUST claim something, you will pay for the packaging (sometimes I reuse old packages and you don't have to pay for that), shipping and fees.
- If it might happen that your package gets lost, I will NOT refund you, since the money I am using them for are not for me, just for your items that will arrive to you. If you will purchase something from sales, I will JUST refund you for the items you bought.

- I will be doing this only until September 10th, which is the day I am leaving from the US.
And here are the sales and giveaways!

Salamance - 1$
Absol - 2$
Mightyenas - 2.5$ each
Bulba line - 2.5$
Pika line - 2.5$
Glaceons - 3$ each
Jolteon - 3$
Treeckos - 1$ each
Charizard - 2$
Latios - 2$

Give this poor guy a home? He is new and I have never used him. 4$

Each of the bandages is 2$, except for the keychain for 1$.

This whole stack of cards from the anime and bunch of stickers is all your for 7$.

This whole stack of over 70 pan stickers is yours for 10$.

These two items are from past 2 GAs, where their keepers have never come back to me. That's why I am selling these.
Manectric chess piece - 5$
Vaporeon charm - 8$

I am selling these Korean pop ups (not sure what they are) as promised! Each of these is 2$.

Each of these is for 1.75$. One Woobat is on hold.

Each of these is for 1.75$.

Each of these is for 1.5$. One Trubbish is on hold.

Each of these is for 1.25$.

Each of these is for 1$.

If you will purchase 3 or more of the pop ups, I will give you one of these boxes for free. I have quite a lot of them. Though for the red one, I have only two, I am keeping one and the second one is on hold for tamago226. Otherwise I have more blue ones :)

Arceus - 3$
Vaporeon marble - 1.25$

FREEBIES!!! The red circled ones are claimed. It might happen I have missed out some.

Everything is for free, except the one with Absol and Kirlia is for 1$.

So that's it folks, thank you for taking a look! <3333
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