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15th Anniversary Kids/Serperior Kid set Group Buy

Hey guys, I'm intending to buy a set of kids from the above two sets but I don't need them all so I'm opening it up to the comm through a group buy. I'll likely only get a set of each unless demand states otherwise.

Set 1: 15th Anniversary Kids

Set 2: Serperior Set Kids


  • Sales Permission Granted by denkimouse on 8/4/11
  • Shipping: I ship from Singapore.
  • I will likely ship it in a bubble mailer and flatten the box (For the card I'll see when it comes).
  • Payment: I accept Paypal ONLY. You are not required to pay until I receive the items.
  • Prices: All prices are in USD and do not include paypal or material fees.
  • I will not allow anyone to claim an item if he is banned on Pokemon Collectors
  • Note: Upon making a claim there is no backing out or I will give negative feedback
  • Depending on how long the shipping takes, it should arrive in October or Mid-november, you will only have to pay then
  • As I am not sure how many of each pokemon will arrive, I cannot guarantee
    you will get it unless you are the first person for each Pokemon  (Apart
    from those I'm claiming), unless I order two boxes of which there must
    be enough people.

    I'll be claiming Serperior, Excadrill, Haxorus, Cinccino, Bisharp, Serperior, Gigalith, Cubchoo, Pawniard. But don't worry there will be doubles of some of the kids.

15th Anniversary Kids: $8.50 shipped each
Serperior set: $8 shipped each
Addition $6 for each kid if you buy 2 or more from the same set. unless it's okay if I hold your kid from the first set until the second set arrives.

Set 1
Haxorus: paperoid
Bisharp: Prawnographer
Whimsicott: tealbulbasaur, hebitheivan, jerybunny
Lilligant:  Irethsune         
Ducklett: first_mate_kate, jerybunny
Gothorita: prawnographer
Liepard: zora_star, angelfish3
Vullaby: growly
Cinccino: mizuhokusanagi, princesspatamon

Set 2
Serperior: paintviper, spideyroxas, hebitheivan, rusey
Duosion: autumnrain, pancakemonkey
Tynamo: irethsune, korth_dono, lyndsaygorawr
Eelektross: irethsune, korth_dono, lyndsaygorawr, anodyne_geno
Chandelure: puyro, nasija, rusey, shadoweon
Beheeyem: foureyedalien, beriel
Shelmet: moguryuu X 2
Gigalith: foureyedalien, paperoid
Mienfoo: nasija, hibikitikibi X 2, jerybunny, myvampirelust19, kriscarmi
Pawniard: moguryuu, myvampirelust19, paperoid
Cubchoo:megami36 X 2
Deerling:  umbreongirl, shadoweon

Edit: Sorry guys 2 Sets of serperior and 1 set of 15th Anniversary Kid as there weren't any additional claims for the serperior set. (still need 10 more)

Just to end off: a Routine sales post :) Please take a look

Tags: beheeyem, bisharp, chandelure, cinccino, cubchoo, deerling, ducklett, duosion, eelektrik, eelektross, excadrill, gigalith, gothorita, kids, liepard, lilligant, mienfoo, pawniard, petilil, sales, serperior, shelmet, tympole, tynamo, vullaby, whimsicott
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