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collection update! Question? and a want

So its about that time for a collection update. I kept saying I was gunna do one but kept holding it off cause I wanted to wait for stuff to arrive that I have bought (which is endless lol) so I thought I might as well do one now or I will never do it. xD Cause I always have stuff coming I will the mail. Lol
Anyways most of the stuff I have is because of all of you amazing guys! <3 you are all so awesome and wonderful I am so glad I joined this community. n.n

Here is a little sneak peak of what you will see in my collection update click the cut to see more pictures! :D

DRAGONS! :D I absolutely love dragon Pokemon. I have loved them even before they were dragons. xD ah old games and there lack of Pokemon types. Lol anyways here are some of my dragon Pokemon and aren't they just so cute? >w< (yes I know groudon isn't dragon but this is the only spot he would fit lol and I group charizard into my dragon collection. He looks like a dragon so I call him a dragon. Lol)

dragon rage! Yup these are my lovely dragons and my main collection. n.n I have all of these cuties and there are also some pokedoll I have which you will see down below (latias latios giratina and reshi I also have a charizard even though he technically isn't dragon type I group him into my dragon collection)

Here is my boyfriends collection (yes he does in fact collect plusle and Minun and he also likes emolga xD) I find it super cute that he likes these Pokemon and isn't this just an adorable little collection? And regigigas is there to protect them all! Hahah

another random sortment of Pokemon. I always really liked mew and as a kid I picked up a few things so I was planning on collecting mew but it never really took off. I do still just adore mew though and will pick up some cute stuff when I see it. C:

This is just random Pokemon that I like and have bought/made over time. The Eelektross is what I made. C:

Here are my super cute pokedoll! Execpt for thethe dx charizrd. n.n these all were on the bookshelf but I was starting to run out of room so I got this plush hammock! (Which was funny when I got it the picture on the pack that was showing how it looks there was a pikachu! xD I thought that was so funny. I know...I'm lame lol)
Anyways the dx charizard is one of my favorite gets from you guys. I absolutely love this guy! And my charizard pokedoll next to him. >w< is sooooo amazingly cute! :D
The reshi pokedoll I got just yesterday from sunny shore and its A lot bigger then I thought! And so fat and cute. If anyone is thinking about getting one! DO IT! lol now! xD but really it is well worth it.

Here is a charmander plush I have made. C: (as you can see the face isn't totally finished) anyways I was wondering if anyone would be interested in this guy? I am thinking about auctioning him but not sure. Its made from minky and the "flame" is made from soft faux fur. And! A neat little thing I did was added a little voice box ( the back of the head) to where it says "char charmander char" its amazingly cute and I will get a video of it up here soon. :)

So this is what I want. An amazingly cute cyndaquil pokedoll! I changed my mind I want an older one (more fat) and it doesn't have to have its hang tag but I wouldn't mind if it did. Lol. Please if anyone has one they are selling for a reasonable price let me know. I need one of these amazing cute cyndaquils. Lol thanks.
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