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Things and customs and plush and munnas and bugs and <3

Hello all! I have finished all my livejournal commissions and am ready to take two more for this month! Here's an image of the last one I finished from the last round (beware a camera that hates purple and embroidery details).

My price is 150 base and it can change depending on complexity and such. You can find more of my plush here: http://lonepichu.deviantart.com
So if you're interested let me know! Money this time goes toward my school loans and a Portal gun and orange jump suit for my halloween costume and future cosplays (I'm Chell :D)

EDIT: Commissions filled

Also, I have a small collection update. I was planning on updating my main Larvesta/Volcarona and Reuniclus collections, but I have found new things I need and so those collection updates must wait until I get those things. So for now, have an MPC preview and my Munnas :D and a thing I made :o

I love my Munnas! I have no intention of collecting Munna, but I can't turn down some cuties! I've loved the little bloated dream tick thing since I saw it. And then this happened. First is the Jakks Plush, which I found at the store and had to grab since I wanted it so bad. Such a snuggly cutie <3 then there's the MPC, a plush I made from a failed pattern (kinda bellplush style...ish. I dunno XD I like it), and the kid.

MUNNA TOWER! I want other Munna collectors to stack their plush now! :P

My MPCs!!! I plan on getting one MPC of each of my favorite Pokemon. So far, that means these three. Sewaddle (obviously) is a favorite. Karrablast is my angry buggy girl <3 and Munna who is just adorable.

Last, I made these out of clay last night! (ignore the Turret, I am currently very portal obsessed). I went with my roommate to the art studio so she could finish her art project and fiddled with the clay while she worked. So now I have these. If they ever air-dry, I'll paint them. If not, I'll toss them or just keep them this way. (I can't cook them due to the type of clay and them not being hollow) Either way, I'm pretty proud of how the Larvesta came out (the turret is derp, but I was just playing around XD). I'm considering getting some sculpy sometime and make some figures for myself or something. It could be better, but this was my first time sculpting something, so not bad X3

And that is all until next time when I show off my amazing moths and cells!
Tags: custom, karrablast, larvesta, mpc, munna, nidoking, plush, sewaddle
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