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Introduction, Collection, and wants.

Hey everyone! I'm jewelielie, and just joined yesterday, although I've been lurking for a few weeks before joining. XD; I'm 19 and have been into Pokemon since a few months after it started in America.

Now for my collection, though it's a bit on the small size compared to most of the members here.

My plush, figures, and some other items in my collection.

The Lugia coin is hard to see, sorry about that.
Poor Bayleef figure has been chewed up by the dog. Same goes for a few of my older figures (but luckily not many).

Riolu cellphone charm and Eevee plush were very loved (Riolu is missing his tail and left leg, while Eevee is worn down in general).

Here are games, TCGs, movies, and two books. The red Raichu book, brown binder with Ponyta, and small red book with Poliwag and Hypno are all stuffed with cards (The cards themselves aren't very impressive so I didn't show them, since they're all from card packs I bought. I don't go hunting for rare cards).

Movies (I've seen all of them so far but these are the only ones I own).

Side games. I did own Pokemon Stadium 1, but my dad sold it without asking me years ago.

And the main games! Silver was my very first game. I bought Blue a few years later, but it seems as if the previous owner messed around too much with MissingNo, as the file never saves and it always starts on a new game.
The loose DS game is Dash, because I misplaced the case.

And that's all for my collection so far! While I don't really collect any certain type of Pokemon, I do have a soft spot for Lugia, Oshawott, Dragonair, Absol, and the whole Solosis line. =)

My wants? There's one item I've been hunting down with no luck that I really want:

A Dragonair marble. I got this picture from ebay, and it's still selling there. But I'm very suspicious of it being a bootleg, as it and all other marbles from that seller looks to be a poor job of printing (but I might be wrong, as I'm no expert in Pokemon merchandise).  I've been through as many of the PKMNCollectors' shops as I could, but no luck finding this marble.
Ideally I would love a clear or blue background, but it's at the point where I won't be very picky about color. XD

Edit: Thank you so much, foureyedalien! ;w;

Thanks for reading! I'll probably be another lurker for the most part, but I figured it would be nice to put up an introduction at least.
It's nice to meet fellow Pokemon fans, and I can't wait to spend some more time exploring the community! <3

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