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Re-introduction + mega collection update

Hallo! I'm Flare and I've been here for over a year, I collect flareon things, a bit of leafeon, some pikas, a bit of zoroa, and everything else are plushes/figurines/other things that I end up finding absolutely adorable. XD I'm a huge lurker, so you only see me around sales and GA/GBs.

Moving on, let's poke around what I've gotten since the last time I posted (which was around October? or so).

WARNING: super image heavy. Thread with caution. XD

Let's start with everything else that are NOT plush. X3 Because that's where most of the photos are.

On July (of last year) I got these two beautiful setteis which I had accommodated into the first frames I could properly find. One of them is still in these frames, but the other one has been moved. :D

This is what it looks like! I absolutely fell in love with this frame, and I originally didn't know what to do with it. So then I thought, why not just move one of the settei onto it?? And yessss, this was the greatest decision yet. (and it looks great with the green walls lol)

Now the other settei I was originally using to carve up this design on my notebook. While I have finished, you guys get the "almost done" pic, because My camera has run out of battery and I need to get new ones. XD Sorry about that. But I will post it up when I post up my sales. :3 Count on it.

Kudos to anyone who knows where this design is from. X3
I finally got some proper carving tools to work with this. But I'm quite new to carving, so you can tell by the awkwardness of some of the lines. BUT STILL! It looks absolutely gorgeous!
For clarification, this is actually a notebook that has wooden covers, which is why I say I had to carve it up. XD (this was something I didn't properly mention last time and it brought some confusion)

I went to one of our local cons last Sunday, and came back home with plenty of things. XD Most were just what I was missing from the McDonald's promotion (because every time I went I only found zekrom and tepig. I managed to find a snivy at one point, and a zoroa once the actual promotion was over XD), but the one thing I got which my sister found for me, is this:

I'm a HUGE fan of PokeSupe, so I'm really glad she found it and told me about it. XD But then I started skimming and I couldn't believe it. My three favorite scenes from the Ruby/Sapphire ark in that same book! Here are the three:

Sapphire and Ruby when they were kids... and then the shocking ones that I just squealed to find.

Mid-final-battle confessions time!!!! <3

Super adorable pika notebook!!! <3

The cutout start is lovely and the pikas in the pages are just so cute!

These two lovely cups I got one at a GA and the other at a sales post (yes, I know what I got from who. shush now XD). They're absolutely gorgeous, and they have started this love of the cups and dishes and other things out there of pokemon. :O
Anyway, I took a bunch of photos of the cups, but I was wondering... The fact that says "black" on the lid, does this mean that not only are they from one of the movies, but that there are "white" counterparts? Does anyone know?? And, are there more? XD

The left one (blue).

And the right one (green). :D

The cup with zoroa under it! I always wanted one ever since the came out, but never got the chance to. But I found one of a sales post and boy am I super happy with it!

Some pics of the designs around it, and of course, of the cute zoroa under the cup <3.

My current tower of megabloks. I'm slightly considering collecting megabloks, because they're just so adorable. XD But I'm not sure yet.

This lovely... hanky? XD Anyway, it's absolutely beautiful! Mizo's there to show you guys how big it is. X3 (and she's also there to poke at another zoroa while she can).

Next up, my tcg collection. Three binders and a half there. X3 My pride and joy in collecting. I'm still missing a ton of cards from older series, but in the meantime I get what I can of the newer ones. XD
That being said, I will hold sales of my extras. Which I have a lot of. XD But all in due time. In the meantime, you can look at just how many they are here: http://bit.ly/oFn9m4 (it's a thick binder, two full tins, and one starting. XD One of the tins are just trainers tho...)

I've also started to love and adore raichu. XD This is just one small step towards collecting a few thing more of the chu line.

I love this charm, mostly because of pokabu, but all starters are adorable! <3

These two I got from another sales post. They're so adorable! X3

This lanyard is soooooo handy and adorable. X3 Blue's not my favorite color, but it has pikas!!!

Blurry photo of the pika design.
And hanging from the lanyard is something very special...

Flareon bouncy ball MIP!!!! I got this for cheap on ebay, which was an amazing find. I only have a mew one which has been bounced a ton XD, but I didn't know there was a flareon one! <3

McDonald's promotion part one. XD I had to put zekrom and reshiram elsewhere because they couldn't fit on the bookshelf. X3

Part two shares the space with 3 mews on top of the tv in the living room. XD

I adore how gorgeous tfgs are, and this pika one is no exception! He's actually near the other tfgs I have, but on top of something else because he doesn't fit on the "spice rack".

Zukans are absolutely beautiful and I tend to joke around with how big they are between each other as well as showing my sister how bit they are between different pokemon. XD Anyway! Suicune is pretty new, and he shares shelf space with two other zukans, and my bottlecaps.

Pika, gizapi, and piplup zukan, which shares space with suicune...

And the scraggy/victini zukan! XD

Zoroa zukan is also new~! :D I love that lil fluffball!
And I just remembered that I didn't take a photo of the mareep line zukan. D: For next post then! XD

Ever since the darkrai movie, I've had a huge soft spot for this guy (same thing happened with the shaymin movie, except that the soft spot is for giratina!). So imagine the vast amount of squealing I did when I saw this! I didn't know it even existed! It's a lotto figurine, but he's huge and just, gawd, so gorgeous! <3

I mentioned the bottlecaps earlier, so here they are! :D That's my current collection on this, but this will expand a bit in the future. :3

One of the last things I got before I disappeared last year (cuz only I can take more than a month to move lol) was this surfing pika dome. :D Sadly he already came with that gash/scratch on him, but oh well. It's a risk we take during GAs. But regardless, he's so cute!

These guys are waiting for me to take some time and hang them up on the wall and liberating the space I want to have all the pokedolls on one side of the room. XD But until then, they neatly decorate my shelf. These are the overzised tcg cards that came in certain special boxes. Point is that I wanted them to look gorgeous and not being stuffed somewhere out of view and I stumbled upon these gorgeous frames! Some of the butterflies are mirror-like. :3 It adds to the glitter on the cards, which is awesome!

So it turns out that I actually CAN request people at GameStop to part with their promotion posters. My sister was currently working at the mall where there are three and pretty much asked at one and they promised to give them to her! :D Of course, it took her over three weeks to actually have them on hand for me, but only because they couldn't take them down since they didn't have the new posters of another new game yet. XD And then again it took me age and a half to hang them up, but they're up!!!

And boy are they gorgeous!!! I so used to them being up now that the wall will look so empty if I ever take them down (why would I want to tho?).

Quick pic of this cute clear gizapi kid. :3

Coming up next is my gets of Worlds (thanks to ebay!). I've had a love for the art used in Worlds ever since I saw the surfing pika of last year's (since I never knew Worlds even existed! Yes, I know, where have I been??), so I'm slowly trying to get things of previous years. But so far I only have one or two things from previous years. From this year however!!! I've got the following!

DS cleaning cloth?? It's what I was told it was. Regardless, it's thick and silky. X3 I want to frame it up tho lol (I have a thing with framing "flats" XD).

The binder! :O I love it so much. (you guys saw this coming tho since it was in the tcg binder pile XD)

Luggage tag! It's attached to the inside of the binder. :3
I wonder if I can find a room key tho. :\ Was there even one made this year?

Battle dictionary. I wasn't that keen on it at the beginning, but then I noticed this:

Every pokemon and their names in all sorts of languages!!! This list is so incredibly awesome! <3

Can this even be considered an item? Regardless, I'll include it anyway since I love it. Before you all hop jump and down about it, this is not the official Daisuki Club DS. Mine had a broken hinge, and it was years past Nintendo's warranty, so my friend offered to fix it. I just had to buy a new hinge and a new casing so that I didn't have the broken one breaking the new hinge. SO yes, this is a custom/fake/whatever you want to call it. BUT! It's the most cutest thing ever (and showing it off at cons is not that bad XD).
Don't ask me where I got it tho, I don't have the site and my friend only showed it to me at the moment when I was trying to pick a casing. :\ Sorry.

GOSH! We're almost halfway done! Here's the last bit of the "items" before we move to plushes!

My flareon collection! :D Kids, zukan piece, tfg, tomys, little rubber figurines (one red and one orange and I'm on the lookout for more colors), a metal figurine, (dex?) charm, dog tag, wooden tag, pokeball keychain, and my beautiful marble! C:

And now!!! Onto the plushies! I'm just going to do a quick run through of them (because this is getting long and because I've spent over two days making this post XD).

First of all. I rearranged the hammock.

That little top corner that's kinda dark, here it is in a bit of a better light. :3 Amphy loves being that high up. XD

I realized that the right corner was hard to see, so here's a better pic of it. :3 Weavile is the only pokedoll on the hammock, but only because he has problems sitting straight. X3 And those guys hanging from that edge of the hammock? *points below*

One of the pikas got camera shy, as well as mew. XD That seel has been with me since forever. He's a bit dirty, but yeah. I have no idea where he came from (other than BK), so he's there right now (unless I find someone interested in him, lol).

Skaterchu and his lovely tag. :D I actually thought he was bigger. Much, much bigger. But no. He's rather tiny.

Mizo stands next to him to show up about how big/small he is. XD She's not pleased.

King Pika (DX Pokedoll from the kiosks... supposedly). He's so big and cuddly!

Spring mew. X3 Well, that's what I call it. I believe he's supposed to have an umbrella or something. D: But he came this way to me.

He even has these little strings in his paw that indicates that something was indeed attached there.

Amphy has the cutest smile (next to mewtwo X3). <3

This pika. Is oh so very special. Just because of one silly thing.
It jingles!!!! (*adores jingle bells*) X3

This Pika is not exactly new, but I had never taken a photo of it until now. XD

Whooo! That's a lot of plushies!

Anyway, that is all of it! That's my mega huge collection update!
Here's a parting gift for sticking through all of that. It's the rest of the set up I currently have for my figurines. :D

Let me know if anything(everything?) needs a bit of resizing. I'll work on it asap.

Before I forget again, I'm still looking for a pre-order arceus figurine MIB (still sealed in his bag) for $5-$7 shipped. Let me know if you're selling one, or if you've seen one around. :3
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