Sis_Strider (sis_strider) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Yamask lot for sale

Hi everyone! I'm here today to sell my Yamask/Cofagrigus lot. I really love these guys and would have loved to keep collecting them on the side, but Hoothoot's stolen my heart and demands all of my cash ;v;

Just a few quick things:

-I was granted sales permission on 9/3/11 by dakajojo
-I ship from the US
-Paypal only, please!

Here's a picture of the lot:


I'm asking $30 shipped OBO for these guys, to anywhere in the world. The lot includes

*Yamask Banspresto (MWT)
*Cofagrigus Attack kid (With the sticker and the box, which'll be flattened)
*Cofagrigus tin from the Dot Sprite Campaign 
*Yamask pan sticker
*Yamask Ensky magnet

Thanks so much for looking! :3  Oh hold! 
Tags: cofagrigus, yamask
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