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Poke☆Sweet Auctions + Commissions Reminder!

Hi :D Just giving a reminder and an update on a time mistake I made with my PokeSweet Auctions
I had mistakenly put Monday, September 9 as the final day (which is impossible since it's a Friday for Sptember 9) - it was really meant to be Monday, September 12. So this upcoming Monday is the day that the auction ends!

I am auctioning off a custom slot for my Poke☆Sweets Train, a Poke☆Parfait, and a custom Poke☆Sweets Frame. They are all at low starting prices, so please check it out by clicking the picture to lead towards the auctions.

There is also some straight sales of poke☆sweets, as well as my $10 poke☆cookie commissions that are still open! I currently just finished the first part of my batch!

They are all super tiny! Almost 2cm each as you can see compared to the Emolga Kid
And they are now ready to be sweets-ified on their cookie bases, with cream and sprinkles :D
If interested in either please click the pictures to be transported!
Thank you ^^

As a total side-note that I hope isn't too off topic -  I'm starting a new project of custom Pokemon Trainer dolls 8D ~ which is so freaking expensive to do aggggh

So I've been picking up making doll clothes again and the such, and thank god Pokemon human designs clothing wise aren't that complex.

Almost done with a beta, but I was wondering if anyone owns/does custom Pokemon Trainer dolls? NOT Pokemon Human plushes - but actual dolls (with actual hair/syntheizied hair) that are posable and whatnot. Umm I suppose BJD 8D ? Nakamaaa? :D
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