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Beaded Pokemon Charms

[info]nightmare_chan2 and I have done it again. We just can't help ourselves. We have always wanted to try shrinky charms and we have finally done it. But we added a little of our own spin. :D So we're opening up 12 slots of our new custom shrinky beaded charms! ♥

~ * ~ * ~ RULES ~ * ~ * ~
I got sales permission July 2010, Nightmare got permission March 2010.
I first sketch out the image and [info]nightmare_chan2 colors it and adds textures. We make those images into shrinky dink charms and I make the beaded keychains, with glass beads, plastic beads, and ribbon.
Each charm is an inch big. Because of the size some details will be simplified, but we will do our very best. We have to warn that when our charms shrink they will curve slightly so they aren't completely flat. Colors may also be darker or lighter because of shrinking. Also for white colored Pokemon textures can not be applied, but we can still make them adorable. And to make sure you have read are rules please, when your asking for a slot, include this phrase: Poison Apple.
All the charms we make are made to order so we won't repeat the exact same charm twice. Each of our charms are individual snowflakes.
All community rules apply - backing out of an order WILL get you negative feedback.
We will only take Paypal payments and must receive payment in 24 hours after we give you your final total.
Shipping is $2 if in the US, $4 if outside of the US. We first wrap these guys in bubble wrap and send them out in regular mailers.
Once a package is mailed we can not be held responsible.
We have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have negative feedback or we have had trouble with you in the past.
We will make Pokemon, trainers, fakemon, and OC trainers. We are open to it all.
We are not open for trades at this time.
If you enjoyed getting our customs we would love some feedback. You can find [info]nightmare_chan2 's feedback here: And you can find my feedback here:

~ * ~ * ~ ORDER INFORMATION ~ * ~ * ~
Pokemon are $10 - $15 depending on detail.
Humans are $15 - $20 depending on detail.
Let me know what color scheme you would like for your beaded chain and ribbon. You can pick the colors you would like or just let me choose what I think would fix. Just let me know either way.
We can also put two charms to one keychain. Ex. if you wanted your trainer and Pokemon on one keychain. Just let me know and I can put them together.
Feel free to ask for quotes!

~ * ~ * ~ SAMPLES ~ * ~ * ~

~ * ~ * ~ SLOTS ~ * ~ * ~

6 Slots Open
1. [info]nasija - Chandelure (PAID)
2. [info]meowllz - Altaria (PAID)
3. [info]captainangel - Crobat (PAID)
4. midnitesilven - Drifloon (PAID)
5. midnitesilven - Haunter (PAID)
6. midnitesilven - Chandelure (PAID)

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