larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants Post + Small Sales Update

Hi! I've consolidated a short list of items I am currently keen on, do let me know if you have them for sale and I'd consider!

1) Banpresto Halloween Gengar plush

2) The Minccino Contest plush

3) Non-plush merch (not as if there are many plush for him anyway) for this guy! Drilbur/Moguryuu. I love the derpiness so bad. XD I already have the kids and Tomy figure for now.

4) As usual, all Piplup merchandise I don't have, I promise to take a gander and consider. ;)

Since I'm here, I'd do a small sales plug. I added a few items, such as the Eevee clipping figure, a few Zoroark items, and miscellaneous other items. (Everyone should check out the most obscene Starmie item ever invented, it is positively rude. XD) The shop will be closing for a month or so after this, so get your items while you can! Click here to proceed to Larvitarscar's Bazaar. Also, for those bought items from me from the last sales post, they have not gone out yet as I am still awaiting outstanding payments from some buyers, but rest assured they will be going this coming week. =D

Thanks for reading!

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