E♥A (hyper_potion) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pan Sticker Trade!

Hey, fellow Pokefans. I just got a bunch of pan stickers in and thought getting a community trade post going might be fun. So if you have some just lying around (provided you also have sales/trading permission), post a pic in the comments and a list of your wants. Maybe me or another member might have something you like better. :)

I was granted sales permission on 7/2/11 by Dakajojo and my feedback is here.

Mostly Wanted: Any of Wailmer line, Munna line, Miltank, Wooper, Roselia, Frillish line, Deerling line, Sunflora, Bonsly line, Snover line, Ponyta line, Shellos line, Combee, Snivy, Tepig, Lilligant, Swadloon, Bulbasaur line, Chikorita line, Hoppip line, Milotic, but I like a lot of other mons too so just show me what you've got! Also would love Vanillite line, Hydreigon, Tynamo line, and Volcarona but I don't think they have pan stickers yet..?

Edit: Also, has anyone actually used their pan stickers? Are they really as reusable they sound? Do they leave any residue? Thanks!
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