myvampirelust19 (myvampirelust19) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Set 1 Zukan GA - Ending time change + Jantyls Zukan GA

Hey guys, I know I posted just yesterday about this but this is an important change to this GA!

I've changed the ending time to - Wednesday 14th September 23:59 London time!

Why? Well, we've raised more than enough so theres no need in keeping it going for a whole 5 days but I dont want to stop it just yet so I can be fair and give everyone the chance to participate if they so wish :D

Countdown Timer Here!

Original Post Here!

Thanks to everyone taking part in this! Its so exciting! :'D

On a second note, I forgot about Jantyls Zukan GA Im hosting! So im extending this until wednesday at the same time too. So sorry about that I was so busy over the weekend it seriously slipped my mind!

We've raised just over half so far, so lets get the bids in for this!

Click Here for Jantyls Zukan GA!

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