zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

places to buy Poke goods in LA?

So it looks like I'll be in LA for a quick trip on the weekend, and I might have a chance to check out a store or two for nerdy Pokemon goodness^^ I'll most likely be in the Universal Studios area. There was a couple places I Yelped for anime stores, but for you locals, which is the best bet for Pokemon goods, and what merch do they have and how are the prices on these places (or any other suggestions)?

Anime Jungle (#1, since I hear it more involves figures, and #2 is more movies etc)
I bought some stuff from these guys at Fanime and they sold Kids for about $3 a piece ($6 for DX ones). How their Kid selection at the store? Are they still the same price? What other Pokemon merch do they have there?

Kinukuniya (Well, it's a block away from AJ)
How is this Kinu's Pokemon stock? Any Kids or anything?

Sugoi Life (This one's a "maybe" only, because of its location)
I saw a pic on Yelp where it has a HUGE selection of Tomys and some Banprestos by the looks of it (although the pic looked older, since I think I saw Elekid there). How's the stock currently, and how's the prices?

All help is appreciated!!^^
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