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Shaymin Sales?

I got a lot with these two in it, and I don't collect Shaymin (and I'd keep the pokedoll but it kinda creeps me out. :X) so I thought I'd offer these guys up to you all... But I don't know what they are worth. Click the photos to see larger versions!

Landmin Pokedoll - I believe Japanese and minky. Only has toosh tag. Looks new other than that!

Skymin Tomy - NWT, seller said they purchased this plush from Japan themselves.

I tried googling to find old sales posts for these but I was unable to find anything too recent. D: Feel free to make an offer if you are interested or just help me out with pricing these! ^^

Oh and.. Granted sales permission by 07/02/11 by dakajojo!


Also does anyone have a Tsutarja/Snivy pokedoll for sale or does anyone know if they will eventually be brought here? If they are, I can just wait and get one at my local kiosk. Any condition is fine with me. I noticed Hardrock Pokemon and Sunyshore do not have them. :C
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