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Sales and offers!

Hello! I come to you today with a quick sales and offers post :3

1. I ship from the US to anywhere!
2. Pet friendly but smoke free home
3. I ship 4 days after receiving payment (usually, but keep in mind I am in college)
4. Paypal only please, and no e-checks at this time
5. Haggling is welcome!

Piplup spinning puzzle figure (base seems to fit into other bases of the same set?) $3.00

Talking Pikachu figure from the 90s, can be set to be motion activated, and still works! Says "Pikachu!" and "Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all!"

Talking Psyduck and Togepi. Both work, Psyduck waddles.
$3.00 each

Chingling Jakks plush- $3.00 - on hold!
Togepi Jakks plush- $5.00
"Metro" plate Arceus- $6.00
Kids figures- $1.00 each
Mcdonald's Zoroark- $2.00
Misc Celfairy- .50

Sold: Aipom zukan
Marbles- .50 each
Clefable charm missing clasp- .50
Weavile puzzle- $1.00

Popular Wapz, all holographic except sun Castform
$1.50 each except team magma member who is $2.00

Semi-popular Wapz, $1.00 each

Other Wapz, .50 each (vigeroth's label is peeling)

Vuplix- $1.00
Ninetales- left $1.50, right $2.00 (holographic)

Reverse holo quilava and flareon- $1.00 each
Typhlosion prime- $3.00

Holo Ledian- $1.00
Holo Rayquaza- $2.00
Holo Machamp- $1.00

Reverse holo Lumineon- $.50
Holo Quick ball- .50
Holo Ralts- $1.00 sold!

Offers end on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 5:00pm EST, or I may end them when I see an offer I like.
The minimum offer I will accept is $15.00
Please counter offer by replying to the person who offered before you, in the appropriate thread.

Jolteon Jakks figure, mint condition, legs move and all! Offers start at $15.00

Finally, everyone who ordered from me before, your items have been shipped as of today, with the exception of a few that will be shipped first thing tomorrow. I apologize for the delay :( A lot of stuff has been going on around here, and I was not able to make it before closing time until now.
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