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Monkey time!

Rich text edit ate my post so much I had to delete it and try again. And now the cut isn't working. Why haven't they fixed this yet?

Anyway, I got a few things this week and I wanted to share them with all of you. :)

My monkey collection is growing steadily. The inner-tube Aipom from jeansama, the DX Banpresto plushie from godudette, and the Ambipom Pokédoll from captainangel. Thank you for letting me give them a new home. :)

The Zorua and Zoroak tin from dunsparce. I must apologize to atlantia_rai, it's not being used for cookies. ;-; Finally, the Rainy Castform dex figure from neeko48. Despite the terrible picture, it's still adorable. :)

This is what I'm still after:

For Aipom and Ambipom:
Ambipom Battrio
Aipom and Ambipom TCG
Anything else for them (plushies, figures, etc.) I'm not interested in stickers

For Castform:
Clear Rainy and Clear Snowy Kids (Maybe, I haven't decided if I want these yet)
Any other Castform dex figures

For the Normal type Zukan collection
Slakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking.

Thanks for looking~!
Tags: aipom, ambipom, castform, collection, wanted

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