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Mystery Latios/Latias Figure Question Plus Some Updated Sales!

Hey there community, I come (unfortunately XD) bearing sales, but also a question!

So, first up let's start off with some sales! As always, here is my main TCG card shop (Warning!! Image Heavy; Now accepting trades for Squirtle, Sandile, and Tirtouga line things in either sales post!) :

Or click this!:

And here is my Plush, figures, etc sales, (I am very ignorant in these things, so feel free to haggle or tell me prices are too high, etc.):
 I added in MIP Jakks Reshiram, Oshawott, and Zorua figures.

*Insert banner here*

Onto the question!: Does anyone know what the figure in the back where Ash is riding Latios? Is that a lotto figure, some kind of special figure or...?

That's all for now, still waiting on 1 package before I make an update, so I am really hoping it gets here soon, so thanks guys for viewing/posting/buying/whatever!

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