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so many tears!



Fine, don't guess. I'll just show you. You're no fun. >:/

SADTREES. AREN'T THEY CUTE? <3 Recently hyper_potion, aisarang, and myself got together to split firebomb's Bonsly lot for sale and this was my share -- minus one Pokedoll, which I got from vulpixlover. I had already bought the Pokedoll (on the right), but I couldn't resist the idea of twin sadtrees so I asked for the Pokedoll in the Bonsly lot as well. XD

LET'S LOOK AT SOME MORE SADFACES. (No photostory this time because I am too tired and just want to snuggle my Bons. ;o;)

Awwww, they're so cute! Hey, wait a sec... What's that in the corner?

WHOA WHOA WHOA WHAT. SADTREES AND A 'TOED? I am a happy collector. <333

The ever so sweet slowpuff literally gave me this Jakks 'toed. ;_; I still can't believe she did such a kind thing ♥ His hair curl got a bit droopy in the mail, but he's cute. XD And SO soft. It really made me crazy when I first joined this comm because I saw the Jakks Politoed everywhere in old sales posts, but none were available at that time! I got the Banpresto UFO Politoed before I got the Jakks, and I could be wrong, but I thought the UFO should be a lot harder to get my hands on than the Jakks. Anyway, he's already very well-loved in my home, and he will always be treasured. <3 I need to find the perfect name for him!

Nori just loves his new buddy! :D It feels great to finally say I own both official Politoed plushes. This isn't a full 'toed family photo because, again, I'm tired and just grabbed who was closest. XD

Bonslyyyyys ♥ These are all my Bonslys so far (aside from the strap, which I had already hung up when I took this picture, and two stickers). I'm so happy to have the UFO. It had attained mini-grail status, just 'cause I wanted it so bad. XD He's a bit loved so he's not all that soft anymore, and the little black dot on his butt was falling off so I had to glue it back in place, but he's still adorable and I love him! :3 (My Footprint figure still needs a base, pff.) Yay for my second ever Pokedoll(s)!
Edit: The pokedoll on the left, the more loved one (and thus my cuddle buddy), is named Snowdrop, and the pokedoll on the right is named Camellia. 8D (Flower names for plants. Perfect, no?) Middle is still being thought on. XD

I HAVE WANTED THIS STRAP SO BADLY. I kept seeing it for sale BUT IT WAS ALREADY GONE or part of a lot. ;o; BUT NOW, IT IS MINE. And it's so worth the wait. The Bonsly Pokedoll merch is sooo cuute aslhtkjeslrs <3 I can't believe they added little silhouettes to the strap. XD It's so adorable.

These little cuties <3 The Manaphy was included with the Bonsly 'doll from vulpixlover, which was very sweet. :D The Skuntank, Poliwrath, and adorable little Zorua charm were even more kind freebies from slowpuff so Politoed wouldn't be lonely during his trip ♥ I officially have my first BW merch, and dang it, Zorua is cute in person. XD The Wobbuffet battle museum figure I got from a trade with quailien! :D He's actually for my boyfriend, but I'm holding onto him because after sending him the last Wobbuffet merch I got for him I missed the cute blue blob. It's so easy to get attached to Pokemon once you've owned them. XD

And finally, coins! But only three are Pokemon. XD Just thought I'd throw this in here, since I've had a very casual coin collection going since I was fairly young, which has always included the Pokemon 2000 movie coin, but now includes a Totodile and Pikachu coin thanks to the comm. :D

Also, a question about the Pokedolls while I'm here~

I'm assuming that the Bonsly that still has its hang tag (right in the first photo, top in the second photo) is the US release and the tag-less one is the Japanese release, because of the languages (and, uh, "Pokemon USA") on their tags? Is this correct? Just wanna know what I've got. :)


What is/are your biggest Pokeplush(es)? And are they official or customs? Pictures make it more fun! ;) Especially with a size reference of some kind.

What do you mean that lion isn't a Pokemon? It's totally a, um... Arcanine... or something. My cuddle plush Charmander, which is official, and my custom Shinytoed! :D Bonsly Pokedoll for size reference. :3 (The lion is a plush I've had for ages that I love to death and sleep with every night. His name is Milo, and he had an unfortunate accident when I was younger that left his mane... pretty crazy and prickly. But I still love him.)

Your turn!
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