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Update on Serperior/15th Anniv Set Group Buy (Extra for Claims) + wants + sales

Hey guys,
remember this Group buy I did about a week back?

Well, the order got confirmed and I bought Two Serperior Sets and 1 15th Anniv Set. So these are the compilled lists of people that have asked for a Kid or two:

Set 1
Haxorus: paperoid
Bisharp: Prawnographer
Whimsicott: tealbulbasaur, hebitheivan, jerybunny
Lilligant:  Irethsune         
Ducklett: first_mate_kate, jerybunny
Gothorita: prawnographer
Liepard: zora_star, angelfish3
Vullaby: growly
Cinccino: mizuhokusanagi, princesspatamon

Set 2
Serperior: paintviper, spideyroxas, hebitheivan, rusey
Duosion: autumnrain, pancakemonkey
Tynamo: irethsune, korth_dono, lyndsaygorawr
Eelektross: irethsune, korth_dono, lyndsaygorawr, anodyne_geno
Chandelure: puyro, nasija, rusey, shadoweon
Beheeyem: foureyedalien, beriel
Shelmet: moguryuu X 2
Gigalith: foureyedalien, paperoid
Mienfoo: nasija, hibikitikibi X 2, jerybunny, myvampirelust19, kriscarmi
Pawniard: moguryuu, myvampirelust19, paperoid
Cubchoo:megami36 X 2
Deerling:  umbreongirl, shadoweon

Note that people 1st for the 1st set other than for those I'm claiming and those 1st or 2nd for Set 2 are confirmed getting your kids, but it's likely there will be doubles so not worry if you're third or 4th in line.

I will be accepting more claims on some of the Pokemon:
Set 1: Petilil (2), Liligant (1), Excadrill (1), Gothorita (1), Vullaby (1)
Set 2: Duosion (2), Tynamo (1), Beheeyem (2), Shelmet (2), Gigalith (1), Cubchoo (2), Deerling (2)

Price: Set 1: $8.50 Shipped.  Set 2: $8 shipped. (Not including material, paypal fees).

And mostly importantly, no you don't have to pay yet, this is just a friendly update. I'm expecting the first set to arrive in early October and ths second set to arrive in early or mid november.

To add on: A short list of wants XD
1) Minun Canvas Plush
2) Oshawott Dream World Plush
3) Samurott DX Tomy
4)Pokemon Zukans: Sigilyph, Tyranitar, Scizor/Scyther, Garchomp line, Cinccino, DP12 Pichu Pikachu, Piplup, Chikorita/Cyndaquil/Totodile diorama.
5) Pokemon Platinum Cartridge (Almost got one I think, trade in progress)
6)Reshiram Full Art (Im hoping I can get a trade for this)

Mini Sales Pug:
Well that's all from me, thanks for reading.
PS: I'm a guy not a she XD.
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