Puddles (eeveez) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Talking Oshawott advice

Sorry about posting soo much ( like, five days ago ) But I'd love some help on a plush. :) 

I would love some advice on trying to get hold off the Talking Mijumaru - Oshawott. I'm in the UK and would like to know if anyone has one, or knows where to get one relativly cheap ish? And does anyone have it and could tell me if it's worth it? I've seen SO many videos and it's really made me decide im so badly after one! 

Thanks to so many of you, I decided to get one off hobby link japan, thank you so much for the links and deciding for me :) 

I'm also after any oshawott merch you may possibly have guys, so anything, I may need! Do show me :D I have the pokecen one before anyone asks.. 

The blue critters starting to seriously over-rule eevee at this rate X) 
again, I hope you all are having a great day 

Tags: oshawott
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