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Small update, auction reminder

I'll be leaving for college in a couple days, so this will probably be my last collection update for quite a while. Some of you may remember my vast search for a certain Squirtle plush. I finally got him thanks to a GA run by entirelycliched

For those not aware they're made of towel fabric, and are part of the "DX Yawarakai Taoru Nuigurumi" or "DX Soft Towel Plush" set. :3 It all started with a chance spotting of Charmander at a swap meet. The tag led me onward to find the others! Childhood dream: completed.

And then one last little update of my bug collections. Sorry for the bad photo, it's in a poorly lit corner of my room. xD

Recent additions include the DX Tomy figures and Scizor clipping figure! DX Scizor is kind of derpy compared to the others, but I love him all the more for it. Scizor is usually too busy looking badass. :P

Also, I'm looking for the Heracross clipping figure and zukan, if anyone has any idea of the rarity/cost of the two I'd like to know. ^^;

I have some auctions ending in about 3 hours, at 8pm PST! This is your last chance to get the flying balloon ANA Pikachu figure, Drifloon Canvas, or Wailmer Banpresto plush. :3

They can be found in my sales, below!

Added new Jakks figures and Tomys! I won't be able to do many sales at college, so anything you can take off my hands is appreciated.

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