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DP15 Zukan GB (Help me out)

Hey guys, sorry for posting so soon again, but I decided instead of just posting my wants to take some action to getting it.

So I'll be doing a group buy for the DP15 Zukan.

Sales Permission Granted by denkimouse on 8/4/11
  • Shipping: I ship from Singapore.
  • Payment: I accept Paypal ONLY. You are required to pay after all have been claimed.
  • Prices: All prices are in USD and do not include material and other fees
  • I will not allow anyone to claim an item if he is banned on Pokemon Collectors
  • Note: Upon making a claim there is no backing out or I will give negative feedback
I will be claiming the Tyranitar line Zukan

The price for each zukan will be $9 shipped to anywhere in the world.

       Claims       :

Zoroark Standing:elisha1288,
Zoroark on fours: Beriel
Motres: angelfish3
Ambipom Line:
Ralts Line: tofu256
Chansey Line:
Tyranitar Line: donny9
The routine end off: Check out the DX Wailord Kid, sugimori clearfiles, lightup keychains and more XD
Tags: ambipom, chansey, moltres, ralts, zoroark
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