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~ * Spooky Sales * ~

I have recently fallen in love with a new type of collection, and need the room more then ever. So I am presenting an updated sales post, including a handful of pokedolls including Mismagius and Cresselia, Walky Plushes, a dozen stickers, and more! Please help me free up the room. ;A;


+ I got sales permission  from Gin sometime in early 2009. Yeah, a long ass time ago. 8C

+ I ship from the US

+ I have a smoke-free home and own 3 cats! I keep them at bay from my collection and lint roll items but beware in case of allergies! Most of these items are fairly dusty though so just a heads up! <3

+ I do not do holds.

+ I can be slow at shipping! I of course will keep you updated, but I am a manager at my workplace and it can get busy.

+ I am open to haggling! Please keep it reasonable though~

+ No, I am not interested in trades at the moment. <3

+ I will not deal with you if you have poor feedback or people previously banned from my customs. I have the right to refuse to sell to anyone who I've seen cause trouble in the past.

+ Once a package leaves it is out of my hands so I will not take responsibility for something I have no control over. :C

+ Backing out of a sale can and WILL get you negative feedback.

+ I ship in bubble mailers however if you want insurance or prefer stronger packaging please ask for it.

+ My feedback can be found here:


MWT LARGE Oshawott Banpresto: $20

MWT Oshawott Banpresto: $10

MWT Pokecen Oshawott Plush: $10

MWT tiny Oshawott Banpresto: $5

MWT Ampharos Banpresto: $20

MWT Zekrom Banpresto: $10 SOLD

Like-New Cranidos: $5 SOLD

Like-New Buneary (has tear in neck): $3

Dirty/Loved Meowth: $1

Like-New Walky Treeko: $10 SOLD

MWT Totodile Walky: $15 SOLD

Tush-Tag only Loved Cresselia: $10

Tush-Tag only Like-New Ho-Oh (dirty plastic on the fan tail): $10

Tush-Tag only Like-New Mismagius: $35 SOLD

Tush-Tag only Slightly-Loved Togekiss: $18

Tush-Tag only Like-New Zoroark: $20 (I do have the Japanese Pokedoll tag detached that comes with it!) 


MIP Dragonite Bouncy Ball: $5 SOLD

MIP Drapion Figure: $3

MIP Tyranitar Chou Figure: $5 SOLD

Luxray Tomy: $3 SOLD

Salamence Tomy: $3

Giratina Tomy: $3 SOLD

Dirty Snorlax Figure: $2

Ho-Oh Gold Release figure: $4

Sceptile Thinkchip: $5

Metagross Chess Piece: $8 SOLD

Umbreon Time Charm: $10 SOLD

KIDS: $1 each

SOLD: Rayquaza and Misdreavus

Clear Giratina Keychain: $10 SOLD

Chibi Giratina Keychain: $8

Custom Figurines: $6 each

SOLD: None

Cherrim Zukan: $5

Broken Cresselia Zukan: $1

Talking Moving Eevee Figure: $5 (Still works!)

Sceptile Footprint Figure: $3

Sceptile Bell Keychain: $5

Sceptile Pokedex Figure: $3

Rhyhorn Figure: Free with any purchase! SOLD


Halloween Towel: $5 SOLD

Assorted Flats/Buttons/Magnets: $1 each

SOLD: None

Stickers/Flats: $0.50

SOLD: Umbreon Custom Flat, Banette Trozei

Flats: $0.25

SOLD: Woobat, Swoobat, and Emolga

Thanks for looking it over and giving my stuff a good home~ ;u;

Tags: ampharos, axew, banette, banpresto, buneary, cherubi, cranidos, cresselia, croagunk, cubchoo, custom, deerling, dewott, dragonair, dragonite, drapion, eevee, emboar, emolga, farfetch'd, figures, foongus, garchomp, giratina, ho-oh, latios, luxray, meowth, metagross, misdreavus, mismagius, oshawott, pansage, pichu, pidove, pikachu, plush, pokedolls, rayquaza, rhyhorn, salamence, sales, samurott, sceptile, scraggy, seel, skitty, skymin, snorlax, suicune, tepig, togekiss, togepi, tomy, totodile, treecko, tyranitar, umbreon, woobat, zekrom, zoroark, zukan
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