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Sales post update!

I've finally got around to going through my cards to post. *whew* Took a while to sort out! I also added tons of card wrappers too! Also, I just have a bunch of other odds n ends, and some items from when I was at PAX, like the AR cards for PokeDex 3D which seem to be very popular. 

Come check it out, as I don't have a fancy banner to attract more buyers :p

*granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo*

- Due to demand, I am NOW shipping internationally! I ship from US, but however since I am unfamiliar with the shipping costs out of the country, I will need to check in at the post office for a shipping quote to get back to you. This may take a day or two, depending on my schedule, but I'll try my best to get there as soon as possible! So international purchauses  WILL take a little longer...

- Paypal only, and please let me know who you are when you pay

- No banned members please!

- Please pay within a couple days please!!

- If the timing is right, I usually ship out next day when possible, but I have had a pretty tight schedule recently, so it might take a bit longer. Please PM me if you have any questions on an order you made! I will PM you when I get the items shipped out, so I do keep tabs :)

- I'll do holds for a couple days, ONLY if you are SERIOUS about buying something! I don't want to hold something just to hear a "sorry, I can't get it..." because I haven't made negative feedback yet, and not wanting to make any now...

- I give feedback to EVERYONE. If you pay me, I'll give you feedback as soon as possible. That's how I roll, I don't wait until you give me feedback or anything. If you do wish to give me seller feedback, please do so here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/5132873.html?thread=258457417#t258457417


Reshiram x3
Zekrom x3
$2 each

PokeDex 3D AR cards (you can scan them on the back!)
Reshiram x17
Zekrom x8
Darmanitan Zen Mode x10
Woobat x12
Zebstrika x7
$1 each

Draw-string bag thing (not sure what to call it!)
The photo above is mine, but the one you will get has not been unfolded yet!
I'm looking for around $10 for this.

PokeDex3D Tshirts
These are sealed and I have not open them. I believe they have AR markers on the back of the starters' final evolutions, if it's the same ones the reps wore. The sizes are XL and 2XL.
Looking for around $15 for these.

DS Magazine card tin bonus
This holds 20 cards and even zips up!

DS/Wii Magazine
There's lots of Pokemon articles inside!

Oshawott Battrio
This came from last month's Pokemon Fan magazine, and I believe may be an exclusive to the mag vol?





The above are all double-sided ramen toppings
(I don't recommend actually eating them...)
$1 each

20-page mini card binder

Giratina pre-order figure

Jakks Snivy figure

Bootiful Mewtwo Tomy
It has some scuffs on it, tail's been glued in (since it never fit in place...) and has a hole in his head from a keychain piece.
25 cents


I have 1 of each or otherwise noted
50 cents each

Absol (1) x 2
Dialga x 2
Dusknoir x 2
Absol (2) x 2

SOLD:  Electivire

Rayquaza x 2
Zapdos x 3
Crobat x 2

Zekrom x 2
Reshiram x 2
Garchomp x 5
Black/White preview x 3

Black/White checklist x 2
25 cents each

Black/White preview pack sealed
75 cents

TCG online codes x 5

TCG online code w/promo card

TCG online code w/Zoroark image

TCG online code w/Rufflet, Gothita, Drillbur image


I have 1 of each or otherwise noted

25 cents each

Koffing x 3
Nidoran F x 2
Jigglypuff x 3
Paras x 2
Oddish (1) x 3
Meowth x 2
Geodude x 2
Zubat x 3
Grimer  x 6
Mysterious Fossil x 2
Oddish (2) x 2
Tangela x 2
Weedle (2) x 3
Slakoth x 2

Charmander x 2
Feebas x 3
Vulpix x 2
Spoink x 2

Combee (1) x 2
Beedrill x 2
Slowpoke x 2
Woobat x 3

SOLD: Pikachu, Eevee

Venipede x 2
Solosis x 2
Scraggy x 3
Pansear x 3
Timburr (1) x 4
Timburr (2) x 2
Joltik (2) x 2
Blitzle (1) x 2
Blitzle (2) x 2
Snivy (1) x 2
Snivy (2) x 3
Ducklett x 3
Oshawott (1) x 2
Pidove x 4
Lilipup (1) x 4
Patratt (1) x 2

50 cents each

Fearow x 2
Wormdam (plant) x 2

SOLD: Vaporeon, Flareon, Raichu

Dewott x 2
Darumakka x 2
Vullaby x 2
Herdier x 2
Professor Juniper x 2
Revive x 2
Energy Switch x 2


McDonalds Snivy holo

Chikorita, Professor Juniper, Swadloon reverse holos
75 cents each

Rares (Gligar, Carnivine, Throh, Swanna, Scrafty x 2)
75 cents each

POP9 cards (Gible x 3, Chimchar, Piplup)
50 cents each

SOLD: Pikachu, Zekrom, Gliscor

Tons of Energies
I don't really have a set price on them, it's more let me know if you even are interested, want 1, 2, a whole stack, or whatever :p


Thanks for looking!! Let me know if you have any questions!

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