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Anniversary Post/Re-Intro~!

Believe it or not, it's been a whole year since I joined Pokemon Collectors! I thought it'd be funny to post this at midnight. But first, I updated my collection website with tons of stuff! So check it out~ :3

My re-intro, new gets, and more is under the cut~

Edit: Forgot to mention that my weebly now has an entire page on it dedicated to tag art! I'm open to posting tag art from your things too, so there can be a huge "database" of sorts of them! xD
My email is on the homepage! Also, I ask that there is one condition if you send me your tag art:
It must be scanned! No photos unless it's REALLY good!
Tag art page can be seen here:

So first, I'd like to say that I'm very happy I joined this community! I've seen so many interesting collections and bought so many things that I simply adore. Everyone here has been so great. I don't think there are very many communities as friendly and as open as this one.

So let's take a look at my original post here a year ago:

My collection has grown so much since then. I still collect Shinx and Luxio. I've given up on collecting Zorua seriously. But I also still side-collect Shaymin. I tend to like large Pokemon plush and Pokemon accessories(love love love hairclips. Bags, candy tins, and clearfiles are also some favorites of mine.) I've also been trying to pick up collecting Oshawott, Victini, Emonga, and Chillarmy. In general, I like cute Pokemon with lots of merch! My other main collection is Takara Tomy talking plush! My favorite Gens were Johto, Sinnoh, and now Isshu. My favorite game has recently become Pokemon White. All the new features won me over, even if all the Pokemon didn't.

Compared to how I started out here with my collection, a lot of things have come and gone, but let's take a look at how my collection looks now!

(Sorry for the mess and the fan. My room is at 80 degrees right now. x_x)
This is what you see when you first walk into my room.

This is my room from the other corner.

A close-up of the stuff near my bed.

(I didn't realize that 3 of my new gets were lying there...XD)
But let's introduce them then!

Cute Mcdonald's Larvitar! I'm trying to have at least one plush of each "baby" Pokemon from the anime. They're too cute to not have.

My Chillarmy messenger bag! It's sadly too small to use for school, but I've been using it as a purse instead.

I had been wanting this Shaymin for quite a while but didn't want to pay $40 for one! I'm glad I got him at such an awesome price!

And finally...something I've been waiting for this for what feels like forever:

New talking Victini plush! So cute and so soft! There's nothing like the feel of fresh new minky. HLJ really gave me a good deal on this plush. He was only $55 shipped! The only downside was that SAL took 13 days. I think I'll aim for EMS next time, even if it's really expensive.
He's still very small compared to my big Victini.

And oddly enough, today also marked spending an entire year with my beloved talking Zorua, Chase!
(Weird that they arrived on the same day a year apart.)
So they had a little celebration:

(Sorry Victini, I didn't have any macaroons on hand so candy will have to do.)

So anyway, that's all for my anniversary post! Thanks for reading everyone and I hope to spend another awesome year here!
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